May 03, 2013

New Tofu Scramble + Secret Ingredient…

I had a Tofu Scramble recipe posted from back in January during my first few months of blogging. Well, it’s gone. Poof! Deleted into cyber oblivion to make way for this new, tastier version which I know you will love!

Tofu has a bad rap. Don’t you think? When my meat-eating friends find out I’m a vegan, one of the first topics of discussion that inevitably arises is… tofu. “Do you eat a lot of tofu?” “I could never eat tofu.” “Tofu is so bland. How do you use it?” I think it’s a holdover from the 70s when vegan diets consisted mainly of tofu, brown rice and steamed veggies. Well, I must say… we’ve come a long way, since then!

I was chatting with a friend of mine recently, who is not vegan. She mentioned that when she cooks veggies, she cooks them to taste like… veggies. In other words, she does not adapt plant-based dishes to taste like animal-based dishes. She has a point. But since she eats meat, she wouldn’t necessarily be interested in veganizing traditional meat-based recipes. And when I think about it, there are many of us vegans who WERE omnivores who may want something familiar in taste and texture for our palates once in a while. 

Since I wasn’t raised a vegan, I find it fun to create vegan meals that are reminiscent of those old Standard American Diet (SAD) foods I used to eat. Perhaps it’s my way of saying, “So there! I can eat anything you can eat. Only healthier!”

Enter the Tofu Scramble. Does it taste like scrambled eggs? Didn’t used to! Until I found the secret ingredient (cue fanfare music)… India Black Kala Namak! What??? 

Thank you to Susan, vegan blogger extraordinaire of Fat Free Vegan Kitchen, for introducing me to this little-known gem. What is it? It’s an Indian mineral salt that is high in sulfur compounds. A tiny bit is all you need and your tofu will magically transform in taste from tofu to… eggs. Yes. Seriously. If you used to eat eggs and LIKED eggs then you must try this in your tofu scrambles.

I like to have my tofu scramble with a slice of whole grain toast topped with avocado butter. To make the avo butter simply mash an avocado with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Healthy trails,

4 responses to “New Tofu Scramble + Secret Ingredient…”

  1. I ordered the salt from Amazon – really tastes like eggs. I made the scramble this morning and we loved it!

  2. Helyn says:

    Great, Tami! It's amazing isn't it? 🙂

  3. Rhonda says:

    I made this for breakfast this morning and it's delicious! I have not gotten the salt yet, I did not have mushrooms and I added some little grape tomatoes at the end. I've always loved tomatoes with eggs so this really seemed like eggs to me! I also think the other seasonings are key.

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