Sep 06, 2013

Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal. Vegan.

Waking to an early thunderstorm and then listening to its lingering, soft rain made me want a bowl of comforting oatmeal. For me, oatmeal was always a comfort food. And especially on a rainy morning. That made me remember that I’ve been wanting to try a baked oatmeal dish. I was surprised, surfing the web for some ideas, just how many baked oatmeal recipes there were… and how many contain eggs. Eggs? In oatmeal? No.

This is a super easy one-bowl recipe. But it does require some baking time. If your mornings are hurried, you can easily make it the night before and then just heat some up. BUT… there’s nothing like the soul-warming smell of anything cinnamon baking in the oven in the morning. So you may want to save this dish for a weekend, or set the alarm a bit early, get it in the oven, THEN shower and do your other morning routines… and by the time you’re ready to eat, this heavenly stick-to-your-ribs hunk of deliciousness will be there for you, all warm and cozy-like.


  • 2 tsp ground flax seed + 4 TBS warm water
  • 3 cups rolled oats (I use thick-cut)
  • 1 large apple, diced (I leave the skins on)
  • 2¼ cups unsweetened soy milk or any non-dairy milk
  • ½ cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 1 TBS cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1 TBS baking powder
  • ¼ cup date sugar or other minimally processed sweetener


  • Combine the flax meal with the water and set aside.
  • Preheat oven to 375° F.
  • Lightly grease a casserole dish (I used 8″x8″ dish, 4″ deep).
  • Mix all ingredients together, including ½ of the apple and pour into the prepared baking dish.
  • Top with the remaining apple chunks (push them down a bit into the oats) and a sprinkle more of cinnamon.
  • Bake for 30-40 minutes.
  • Top with some fresh fruit and nuts if desired or some warm maple syrup and a splash of cashew cream.* Yum.

Serves 4. Enjoy!

* To make cashew cream, simply blend 1 part raw cashews to 2 parts water in a high powdered blender.

Healthy trails,

6 responses to “Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal. Vegan.”

  1. Cathy Schulz says:

    This looks so delicious! What size casserole dish did you use?

  2. Helyn says:

    Thanks, Cathy! I used an 8" x 8" casserole dish (4" deep).

  3. Cathy Schulz says:

    One more question… do you make your own date sugar? I haven't been able to find it in stores, but maybe I'm not looking in the right place (baking section). We have a lot of non-vegan visitors in the upcoming months, and this looks like a recipe to please everyone.

  4. Kath Boswell says:

    Helen I really enjoyed this oatmeal and I will be making it again! Thank you so very much for all the wonderful creative recipes

  5. Helyn says:

    You're so welcome, Kath! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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