Nov 25, 2013

Vegan Apple Shiitake Breakfast Sausages

The Healthy Test Kitchen has been very busy these days. I’ve been working on this recipe for quite a while. Lots of disasters experiments trials. Finally… I got it. These nutrient-dense baked goodies not only taste great but the whole house smelled like yummy breakfast sausage while they were baking… minus the heavy, greasy, meat smell of course—just wonderful, heartwarming goodness.

Shiitake mushrooms are the perfect substitute when you’re going for a meaty flavor. They contain a substance known as “umami” which you can read about on my post for Shiitake Bacon. Umami means “yum” in Japanese and these sausages live up to the legendary yumminess that umami imparts.

The addition of soy curls helps a LOT with the consistency. I know they’re not easy to find in stores but they’re readily available online and are reasonably priced. You might sub TVP for the soy curls, but I’ve not worked with TVP at all, since it’s quite processed, so I can’t promise a good result. Soy Curls are made using whole, GMO-free soybeans without the use of chemicals.

before and after baking
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12 responses to “Vegan Apple Shiitake Breakfast Sausages”

  1. Anonymous says:

    These look awesome and I want to make them so badly. I would maybe even add liquid smoke for that smoky sausage flavor. However, I am soy free (as well as gluten free). I wonder if rice or quinoa would work in place of the soy curls? Or more beans? Thoughts?

  2. Helyn says:

    Hi Laura,
    Oh my, not really sure about a good sub but here is an idea. If I had to use something else I would try using thick cut oats, lightly steamed. They would probably have a similar texture as the soy curls or TVP. Just guessing here! Hope this helps.

  3. Helyn says:

    P.S. Use only ONE cup of oats. The Soy curls compress to about 1 cup after soaking.

  4. ~ joey ~ says:

    I'm so excited to try this recipe! So many "sausage" recipes call for oats and I'm allergic to them so this sounds great! Thank you!
    ~ joey ~

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great idea, I will try oats and let you know how they turn out! Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Helyn says:

    You're welcome Joey!

  7. Yvonne Elsom says:

    Hello Helen,
    Thank you for all of your delicious recipes. I am going to make these sausages next. I live in British Columbia Canada, and couldn't find the soy curls. I did find dehydrated tofu strips ar my local T & T Chinese store in my neighbourhood. The stores are all over the lower mainland, and they have wonderful vegan ingredients. Thought I would help others living here in Canada. and I trust this is acceptable to post.

  8. Helyn says:

    Thanks for sharing Yvonne! Please let us know how they turn out.
    P.S. Can you order the soy curls from Amazon in Canada? 🙂

  9. Yvonne Elsom says:

    Thank you for your reply Helyn.
    I apologise for the mis-spelling of your name in my first email.
    I did a search on Amazon Canada, and wasn't able to find the soy curls. There was a sponsored site that took me to The product can be ordered there. I will need to do a further search to find out if and where the product can be purchased in Canada.
    I will let you know how mine turn out with the tofu strips, but first I need to go shopping for the shitake's and chia seed.
    Now, I have a question for you. Can maple syrup or agave be substituted for the maple flavouring? I don't want the sausages to be too sweet. Thanks

  10. Helyn says:

    Hi again, Yvonne. The maple flavoring is not sweet at all, it's just flavor. The recipe does have some maple syrup but you can certainly omit it if you prefer!

  11. S minyard says:

    The apple sausages worked great with our sweet potato breakfast! we also made up some of the smokey bbq sauce. Great breakfast! thanks Helyn 🙂

  12. Helyn says:

    You're welcome! :))

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