Feb 27, 2014

Is Liquid Smoke Flavoring Carcinogenic?

Hi readers!

I use liquid smoke occasionally and have also recommended it in some of my recipes. So I thought you’d be interested in this short video by Dr. Michael Greger. I receive his emails and he offers many interesting articles and videos based on cutting edge research regarding nutritional issues. I suggest you visit his website and subscribe here: NutritionFacts.org

Watch this video to the end for the FULL picture. Enjoy!

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6 responses to “Is Liquid Smoke Flavoring Carcinogenic?”

  1. Hahah…..will have to share this with my parents the smoked salmon fans…..We can't actually get liquid smoke here so I usually sub with smoked paprika – not the same but best I can do. A little tamari too but having never had it I don't know what am missing really or what to sub to create a similar taste….

  2. Helyn says:

    I'm not even a big fan of the liquid smokes. I have purchased all the different "flavors" and they all taste the same to me. Smoked paprika has a much nicer, more natural taste and smell to me!

  3. Susan S says:

    Interesting article. I use Liquid Smoke occasionally and, based on Dr. Greger's article, am comfortable continuing its occasional use. I'll be sure to avoid the 3-bottle-a-day limit to avoid the potential carcinogenic effects! 😉

  4. Helyn says:

    Haha! Agreed, Susan. And to think I grew up eating bagels and lox! Hard to avoid on Long Island 😮

  5. Thank you for sharing this Helyn it was very interesting. I only use the liquid smoke once in a great while and now can do so without feeling worried about it.

  6. Helyn says:

    You're welcome, Tami!

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