Feb 07, 2014

Raw German Chocolate Bites

What a delicious and easy snack recipe this is! I’ll ALWAYS love to bake but sometimes, after dinner, when we want something a little sweet and it needs to be fast (and nutritious), these bites are perfect. They take just minutes to throw together.

Chocolate and coconut… we can’t go wrong with that combination now can we? Maybe someday I will make an actual German Chocolate CAKE. Mm-hm. Maybe. But maybe not anytime soon. Sorry but I got just a little bit burned out this past holiday season on baking (and eating!) desserts, even if they were vegan, oil-free and gluten-free… can we say “The 12 Days of Christmas Cookies?” And I know that I still owe some of you that Fruit Cake recipe I wrote about in my Fruitcake Cookies post… I haven’t forgotten.

The thing is, I’m not a huge sweets fan. My previous addiction was of the salt/fat variety. Bread and butter. Chips. Yep. We all stray sometimes, and the holidays (thank God they’re over) don’t help, that’s for sure. But I did pretty good this past year… until all those cookies started showing up! I recently purchased and viewed a great DVD called Salt, Sugar and Oil: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Dr. Michael Klaper, which was extremely enlightening… he has some eye-opening things to say about the deleterious effects of sugar. There’s always more to learn, right?

Stop rambling, Helyn and get on with this recipe will you!?

Healthy trails,





2 responses to “Raw German Chocolate Bites”

  1. Sarah says:

    I love your ramblings! I learn so much from you 🙂 And I've been wondering about that DVD myself so I'm glad to hear it's a good one – then again, I wouldn't expect anthing less from Dr. Klaper! I'm also glad you haven't forgotten about the fruitcake recipe either – I can understand your sugar burn-out for sure! It will be a nice surprise whenever it does show up. I bet it could make for a great easter cake!

  2. Helyn says:

    Thank you Sarah! What a great idea for the fruitcake near Easter! Genius. 🙂

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