Mar 15, 2014

Spotted Dog Irish Soda Bread ~ Vegan and Oil-free!

Kiss me, I’m Irish! Well, not completely. But my paternal grandfather hailed from the enchanting, emerald hills of Ireland and I still carry his surname. I would love to someday visit and tour all of the castles which adorn that majestic countryside… maybe even find some long-lost relatives!
Grandpa Dunn with his band—he’s in the center on drums, though he could play every instrument in the band!

On to today’s recipe in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. I just love the rustic charm of this Irish soda bread, so named because it gets its rise from baking soda rather than yeast. I did use wheat flour for this bread so apologies to my gluten-free readers! Most often I don’t use wheat but every once in a while I do bake with it. The addition of almond flour incorporates more nutrients and also to provide a moister result.

Traditional Irish soda bread did not contain raisins, so somebody named the raisin version “Spotted Dog” which I think is pretty darn cute. It was also traditionally baked in a cast iron pan, which I don’t currently own… soon I think. I do hope I’ve gotten this recipe up here in time for you if you’re looking for a yummy, healthy, traditional Irish treat for St. Patty’s Day…

before baking

Serve warm. Enjoy!

Healthy trails and Happy St. Patty’s Day!


Spotted Dog Irish Soda Bread

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 40 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Yield: 1 loaf

A dense yet crumbly traditional bread for St. Patrick's Day!


  • 1½ cups blanched almond flour
  • 2 cups whole wheat or whole wheat pastry flour (pastry flour will give it a finer crumb)
  • ½ cup brown rice flour, divided
  • 1 TBS baking soda
  • ½ cup organic raisins
  • 2 TBS date or coconut sugar
  • 1 TBS coconut cream *see notes
  • 1 cup unsweetened, plant-based milk (I used soy)
  • 2 tsp apple cider vinegar


  1. Preheat oven to 400° F.
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  3. Combine milk with vinegar, stir gently and set aside.
  4. Mix all dry ingredients, including the raisins, in a large mixing bowl, setting aside ¼ cup of the rice flour.
  5. Add coconut cream and mix well, using your hands to incorporate it in to the flours.
  6. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and pour in the milk/vinegar mixture.
  7. Stir with a wooden spoon until the wet ingredients are incorporated into the dry. Don’t overmix! With the dough still in the bowl, shape it into a ball. Use the remaining ¼ cup rice flour to coat your hands so it’s easier to handle.
  8. Place the dough onto the baking sheet and form it into a disc, about 2″ high. Then score a cross into the top with a sharp knife about ¼” deep.
  9. Bake for 30-40 minutes, until a sharp knife inserted into the top of one of the scores comes out clean.


To get the coconut cream, place a can of full fat coconut milk in the fridge overnight. The cream will have separated and will be on the top.

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2 responses to “Spotted Dog Irish Soda Bread ~ Vegan and Oil-free!”

  1. Patty says:

    We made this for St. Patrick's Day to go with vegan crockpot split pea soup. This recipe is fantastic!!! We added two tablespoons of caraway seeds — yum! Can't wait to have leftovers today. Thank you Helyn!

  2. Helyn says:

    Awesome!! Thanks for your feedback 🙂

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