Jul 03, 2014

Happy Independence Day, America!

I’m sorry I don’t have a fancy red, white and blue 4th of July dish for you this year. Truth is, I’ve been inundated with a family situation that has stolen a ton of my attention these past two weeks. And I am on my way to Florida soon to “kidnap” my beautiful mother and take her up here to our glorious mountains so that she can rest, heal, rejuvenate and be loved in a safe and nurturing environment… with lots of healthy food!

But here is a fun idea for a barbecue if you want to try it… I have taken these to potlucks and barbecues and people are generally amazed at the similarity in taste to the “real deal.” Kids LOVE ’em!

click on the photo to get the recipe

And here is a page with OODLES of vegan 4th of July recipes… have fun browsing!

Be safe my cherished readers! I love you all!!!

Healthy trails,

2 responses to “Happy Independence Day, America!”

  1. Sorry to hear of your family problems Helyn. Wishing your mother well and I know she will be in good hands at your house! This recipe looks delicious – I just might have to give it a go!

  2. Helyn says:

    Thank you so much, Tami!

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