Oct 27, 2014

Dutch Apple Pie. Vegan, Gluten-free, Oil-free, Sugar-free!

Did you ever see the movie Starman? It’s one of my favorites. An oldie but goodie starring Jeff Bridges. He plays a benevolent visitor from another planet and he’s never eaten our food. He takes his first bite of pie and an odd look comes across his face. And then, with his mouth stuffed with pie, he says, “Dutch Apple Pie… it’s terrific!” You gotta see it.

This is one dessert that I’ve been wanting to make for YEARS. And the holidays are coming. Can’t get much better than a homemade apple pie with that gorgeous streusel topping for a holiday dessert, right? Especially when it’s filled with healthy ingredients. Guilt-free pleasure all the way.

Tart apples, like Granny Smith, are usually used for apple pies. But since I didn’t want to add sugar, I used sweet apples—Red Delicious. AND, I added some lucuma powder, which is a superfood that adds natural sweetness. The result was perfect.

One note… this baby is not fast to prepare. So when you do decide to make it, give yourself a couple of hours of kitchen time and just enjoy the process, as there are multiple steps. But eventually you and your guests will be able to taste the love and goodness you’ve so patiently imbued upon this divine creation.

Makes one terrific pie. Enjoy!

Healthy trails,


12 responses to “Dutch Apple Pie. Vegan, Gluten-free, Oil-free, Sugar-free!”

  1. Terri Cole says:

    Oh wow, that pie looks terrific! I am pinning this to make soon. And, Starman is one of my favorite movies too. No one in my family can say "a little bit" without making the finger and thumb gesture. 😀

  2. Helyn says:

    Hi Terri! Isn't it the best movie ever! Haha! Got it on the gesture. Hope you think the pie is as terrific as we did!

  3. John Fisher says:

    Do you know if this would freeze well?

  4. Helyn says:

    I haven't tried freezing, John, but I don't see why it wouldn't be okay!

  5. Hi Helyn, I didn't plan ahead for the cashew butter and don't have any. Any thoughts on subs for the streusel?

  6. Helyn says:

    Any kind of nut butter should work, Wendy. Except peanut butter of course, as the flavor would be weird. 🙂

  7. Alia says:

    Can I sub the cashew butter for avocado or coconut oil? I don’t buy nut butters other than peanut because they are pretty expensive here. 🙁

  8. sru says:

    the recipe says it has raisins in it but it doesnt mention it anywhere in the directions?

    • helynskitchen says:

      Oh . my gosh, you’re right! The raisins are cooked along with the apples. I will add that to the instructions. Thanks!!

  9. Lisa says:

    Can I substitute Lucama powder with more tapioca starch?

    • helynskitchen says:

      Hi Lisa,
      The lucama powder is simply for sweetness. You can leave it out if you want or use another sweetener of your choice. Enjoy!

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