Jul 30, 2015

Make-ahead Nutritarian Meals for Busy People

Greetings, wonderful people! I had a recent request from one of my readers for meal suggestions that can be made ahead of time and stored for future use. I know all too well how hard it can be to create a yummy, nutritious meal when you get home from work, tired and depleted of creative ideas. I was a single mum working two jobs for many years and it really was hard. Those were pre-nutritarian/plant-based days and it was always a struggle. Eating healthy can be even more of a challenge since processed and store-bought, prepared foods are just not an option.

Some of the easiest to prepare and to store meals, of course, are soups and stews. Choose a hearty soup with beans for a filling dinner. TIP: When I make a big batch of soup, I use mason jars to store them. I don’t “can” per se. But I do fill the jars when the soup is very hot. Leave them out on the counter to cool and you will hear the lid pop in, sealing the jars. They store this way in the fridge for at least a week.  Add a side salad to your “soup meal” or some steamed veggies that you can put together quickly. 

Other good options are casseroles, which can yield at least two meals—depending on the size of your family—and freeze well. Yet another easy to heat, nutritious dinner would be bean or veggie burgers. Quiches and veggie pies are also great. So don’t fret! Here are links to some of my recipes that can be made ahead and enjoyed throughout your busy work week. Simply take a day on the weekend, prepare a bunch of your favorite things, and freeze or refrigerate for future meals.

Happy preparing and healthy trails,

8 responses to “Make-ahead Nutritarian Meals for Busy People”

  1. Naomi Paul says:

    These look delicious! Can't wait to try them. Thank you!

  2. Marie says:

    Great post! I'm deep into renovations here so not much time to cook. Thank you for sharing your ideas and recipes.

  3. Thank you so much for this post! This has been such a struggle for me, especially since my husband eats meat and I don't. I always find time to prepare his meLs but often scrounge for mine. This will help me so much.

  4. Jan-Marie says:

    Thanks for this excellent post, Helyn. I've been in a meal rut recently.

  5. Helyn says:

    You're so very welcome, Jan-Marie! xo

  6. Helyn says:

    You're welcome, Lucy! Glad to help!!!

  7. Helyn says:

    Ha! Me, too, Marie! It's a labor of love but I'm also trying to whip together quick meals 🙂

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