Sep 21, 2015

Homemade Cashew-Hemp Milk ~ RAW


home-made cashew-hemp milk

I hardly ever purchase plant milks anymore. It’s so much better (cheaper, tastier, more nutritious, more whole) to make your own! The only thing I still buy is unsweetened soy milk, which I prefer to use in my baking recipes. It’s also the only thing I can find that isn’t laden with all sorts of “enhancements.” Don’t get me started or this post will be way too long…

THIS milk is the bomb. It’s so creamy and jam-packed with nutrients from both the cashews and the hemp seeds. Hemp milk on its own is good… if you like the flavor of hemp seeds. But they can be a bit assertive and really take over the flavor of a bowl of oats or cereal that isn’t otherwise strong in flavor. The addition of cashews tones down the bite of the hemp seeds and really makes this milk extra yum. It’s a snap to make, too. You don’t need a nut bag to strain it, like you do with almond milk. Everything blends up perfectly. Enjoy!

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4 responses to “Homemade Cashew-Hemp Milk ~ RAW”

  1. Jan-Marie says:

    Back up the plant-based milk truck. You don't have to strain this or run it through a milk bag?

  2. Helyn says:

    Haha! Nope! No straining needed. :))

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Helen. Thank you so much for this recipe and for all you are doing! Just wanted to mention that looking at your beautiful garden bed, I didn't see any fencing around it. That was my very first, heart-breaking experience with my mountain garden here in WV. I honestly felt I could communicate with the animals and they wouldn't bother my garden. However, I found out that groundhogs are addicted to cruciferous vegetables and plastic fencing doesn't bother them as they eat it to get to the goodies. Perhaps my communication with them wasn't what they needed! Just so you know – strong fencing is absolutely necessary! Blessings to your life now.

  4. Helyn says:

    Thanks so much for your concern and the helpful tips!! I'm not sure why but we haven't had any trouble with the critters on our last 2 gardens… no fence and the only thing that troubled us a bit was some bugs. We're in the same area as our last garden– just up the road. Maybe we don't have them in this area? Hmmm… now I'm thinking might be best to be safe and put up a fence before the seedlings get too big. Thanks again!

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