Feb 03, 2016

Balanced Breakfast Bowl


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Howdy ho! I have a gorgeous breakfast idea for you today… it’s yummy, filling and has the balance of satisfying grain, gorgeous greens and heart-healthy beans in the form of a tofu “egg” patty. Delicious meets nutritious!

The “egg” patty is the star of this breakfast show and is so easy to make if you have the right kind of tofu. Look for one that is super firm and is in a package that looks like it’s vacuum packed. Wildwood brand has one that’s great, especially because it’s sprouted which makes the soy beans easier to digest.


Trader Joe’s also has one of these super firm tofu blocks, but theirs is not sprouted. Either brand is fine and makes the perfect eggy substitute as it holds together really well but still soaks up some flavor from the marinade. Of course, the black salt called Kala Namak is what makes this dish, as well as any egg substitute dish, taste like eggs with its sulphur compounds. 

I love my smoothie bowls but a warm breakfast bowl is great on these chilly February mornings here in the mountains. I hope you’ll try one!

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6 responses to “Balanced Breakfast Bowl”

  1. Paula says:

    Any ideas to sub for the polenta? I like the recipe & Wildwood is a great brand.

  2. Kath Boswell says:

    Great breakfast! I enjoyed with quinoa rice & shine hot cereal adding a small dollop of maple syrup. Also put garlic in my greens. Ahhh it was heavenly. I lament, why oh why was I brought up on SAD when I could have eaten whole, flavorful, satisfying food instead? Keep up the good flavors! It inspires me!
    On another note I bought “Smoothies to live for!” Bravo, bravo. I am loving it! My travel companion and sweet tooth fix.
    Have a awesome day.

    • helynskitchen says:

      Oh that’s just GREAT, Kath! Thanks for the feedback… I know, right? My breakfast growing up was usually an English muffin and a cup of tea… WHERE were the nutrients?!? Amazing we survived 🙂 Glad you’re loving the book. Thanks for your support!!!

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