Apr 26, 2016

3-Ingredient Blackberry Sorbet + a review on the new sweetener, ERYTHRITOL


blackberry sorbet with erythritol

Have you heard about this new sweetener? I don’t usually like to use processed anything but this sweetener called erythritol caught my eye in a video by Dr. Greger, in which he states it is: “the too-good-to-be-true nontoxic, low-calorie, tooth friendly sweetener that may even act as an antioxidant.” We had been using stevia once in a while in our house, but after watching that video I decided to give this stuff a try. My verdict is still uncertain. I’m still not keen on ingesting anything so… white. Man-made white that is. It is also twice the cost of most sweeteners and you need double the amount for the same amount of sweetness.


That said, I will probably use it sometimes instead of my usual sweetener—dates. Mainly because it’s so easy to use and also because, well it is white which is good for visual presentations. 🙂 More on erythritol’s effects on the body? Sadly, I developed a headache twice after ingesting a pretty good amount of it that I used to sweeten my hibiscus tea… hmmm. Like I said, the jury is still out.

This yummy sorbet, however, created no ill effects for me so maybe those two incidents were not related at all. You could certainly use any sweetener you prefer in this recipe, but for the purpose of getting you the information on this new sweetener, we’ve used erythritol. Enjoy!

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blackberry sorbet

blackberry sorbet

blackberry sorbet


6 responses to “3-Ingredient Blackberry Sorbet + a review on the new sweetener, ERYTHRITOL”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi Helyn,

    I too wanted to love erythritol based on Dr. Greger. Sadly, both my husband and I had upset tummies and bowels after consuming it. Also for me, I got terribly dehydrated and thirsty, thirsty, thirsty.

    I use it on occasion for cookies for those not wanting sugar, but otherwise it sits in the pantry.

    Thanks for posting your observations!

  2. Carla Golden says:

    This looks absolutely divine and so refreshing for summertime!

  3. Marie says:

    Too bad erythritol doesn’t agree with you. Xylitol upsets me too but I have no problem with erythritol. I think it’s fantastic. Have you tried stevia?

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