May 18, 2016

Raw Pizza! Crust + Kale-Hemp Pesto


Raw Vegan Pizza

I promised you more raw and lightened up fare for the upcoming warmer months and this dish does not disappoint! I’ve been wanting to make a raw pizza crust for like, forever. Finally. First time was the charm with this endeavor. I love it when that happens. Most often there are multiple attempts to get it just right. Yay!

Consistency is so important to me in any recipe. Something can taste great but if the consistency is off, I’m just not into it. These personal-sized, raw vegan crusts are perfect! They hold together great, yet they’re still light and a little crunchy. Yes, you will need a dehydrator for this recipe.

I’ve REALLY been enjoying eating less and lighter, especially since our recent jaunt to Florida. It is nearly impossible for me to eat at restaurants without feeling POISONED! My poor mom just doesn’t understand. No matter how many times I explain it. My body is not used to the kind of food that she eats (that most people eat).

“Why can’t we go to Country Boy?” she kept asking.

“There is nothing there that I can eat.” I kept answering.

“What about the spinach pie?”

“It has cheese and butter.”

“What about pancakes? They have great pancakes there.”

“Eggs, milk, gluten and God knows what else. Sorry, Mom!”

Even with careful ordering, bringing my own dressings and specifying NO SALT please, it’s still just a crap shoot. You never know where the food has been, mostly it’s not organic, and the chefs just cannot keep their paws off those salt shakers! Not to mention oil. Well. Sorry for the rant. It’s just super frustrating. But then there are those few gems where we CAN eat. Thank goodness. 

Anyway, if you are inclined to enjoy raw vegan fare then you will LOVE this one. IT IS SO GOOD TO BE HOME IN MY OWN KITCHEN!!! 🙂 

Healthy trails,

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raw pizza crust duo

raw pizza 3

raw pizza 4

raw pizza 6


raw pizza 7

raw pizza 9

9 responses to “Raw Pizza! Crust + Kale-Hemp Pesto”

  1. Ken Stowe says:

    You are assuming everyone has a dehydrator. Will this work in the oven if the temp can be set low enough?

  2. Ken Stowe says:

    You are assuming everyone has a dehydrator. Can you do this in your oven If the temp can be set low enough?

    • helynskitchen says:

      You can certainly try it in the oven, Ken. You’d have to keep the temp to below 118 to keep them raw. If you don’t care about the raw aspect then use the lowest setting and keep an eye on them until they’re dry. Not sure of the time, since I didn’t try it this way. Thanks for the question!

  3. Dana O says:

    I feel the same way to eating out. I rarely eat outside my home. But when I do, I dine at Japanese restaurants with my family. It’s the only place to order steamed vegetables without any hassle from the waiter (in my experience anyway).

  4. Aesha shaheed says:

    Hi these were amazing. I made them myself. How long does the crust last in the fridge?

  5. Margaret says:

    Is it possible to leave out the pine nuts Out of the crust I’m a low-fat vegan I try not to do to much nuts an being that there’s walnuts in the pesto I would like to do one or the other so just curious if the crust will come out good without the nuts Or I can just use the nuts for the crust an skip the walnuts in the pesto to bring the fat count down . Please let me know


    • helynskitchen says:

      Hi Margaret! I’m sure you could leave out the pine nuts from the crust, but the pesto would need a sub if not using the walnuts, maybe tofu? Hope you’ll try it! 🙂

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