Jun 01, 2016

Cherry Wowza Smoothie Bowl + a new product review!


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Wowza! That’s what I said when I first tasted this frozen deliciousness. But that’s not where the name came from… prior to my plant-based adventure I used to take my son to a cute little mom and pop ice cream shop down in Florida where they had an ice cream named, you guessed it, Cherry Wowza. It was basically cherry vanilla ice cream with walnuts and chocolate chips folded in. It was my favorite, even though I knew that it wasn’t healthy. Not only the dairy factor, but those dyed maraschino cherries… oy. 

I’ve been contemplating making a healthier, plant-based version of that ice cream for some time. And I probably will make an actual ice cream at some point. But for now—this smoothie bowl. WOWZA! It’s so good. Sweet, tart and hydrating with gobs of nutrients and flavor. You can’t go wrong with this for a satisfying dessert or nutritious breakfast.

AN UNSOLICITED PRODUCT REVIEW: I used a new ingredient (for me) in this smoothie: vanilla bean powder from Sunny Day Organics. Pure, raw vanilla beans, ground into a powder. YUMMMMM. It’s a bit pricier than perhaps you are accustomed to paying for vanilla, but totally worth the cost—just great for smoothies and for baking. It’s not as assertive as the extracts that we are all used to. Just honest to goodness, earthy, mellow vanilla notes. I highly recommend it. 🙂 


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