Aug 18, 2016

Oil-free Tahini-massaged Kale Salad


Tahini-massaged Kale Salad

Woohoo! Nailed this one. Mountain Man and I often go to a local Indian restaurant beacuse they always have vegan options on their lunch buffet. And one of those options is a kale salad. But it’s massaged with OIL, of course, which is the usual way these salads are made because the oil does a great job of softening those tough, chewy, raw kale leaves.

Well, guess what? Tahini works just as well at softening the kale leaves and is so, so, so much healthier. Tahini is made from sesame seeds, which have the greatest amount of calcium of any food in the world, provide abundant amounts of naturally-occurring vitamin E and contain a unique antioxidant called sesamin. What’s so special about sesame seeds and their sesamin? There are so many health benefits that rather than list them all here, I invite you to check out this article: SESAME SEEDS

This is a fabulous dish to take to a potluck, or just to have on hand when you want something sumptuous and healthy to munch on. Make a double batch—it won’t last long!

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Kale Salad 2


Tahini-massaged Kale Salad

Serving Size: 4

A great alternative to oil-soaked kale... this healthier version adds more flavor, too!


  • 4 cups, tightly-packed chopped kale (center stem removed)
  • ¼ cup tahini
  • ½ cup orange juice (fresh-squeezed is best)
  • ½ cup golden organic raisins
  • juice of ½ lime
  • 1-2 TBS liquid sweetener of your choice (I used maple syrup) -- see notes


  1. Add the tahini to your chopped kale in a LARGE bowl and massage with clean hands until completely distributed. It will wilt down a lot during this process.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and stir well to combine.
  3. Refrigerate for several hours, overnight is best.
  4. Serve with some toasted sesame seeds or gomasio
  5. Enjoy!


It's up to you how much sweetener you want to add, or none at all since the o.j. is sweet. I prefer this salad on the sweet side so I used 2 TBS of maple syrup. Mountain Man said it might have been too sweet... WHAT? He has such a sweet tooth I was surprised. Anyway, it's up to you and your taste buds! 🙂

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6 responses to “Oil-free Tahini-massaged Kale Salad”

  1. Bethery says:

    I wasn’t going to save this one – another kale salad – but after reading it, I must try it. You really do a great job.

  2. Kathy G says:

    I have a potluck coming up and plan to make and take this recipe. I love tahini and orange combinations.

  3. sam says:

    can you please give this challenged cook the exact and explicit directions to make tahini? thank you

    • helynskitchen says:

      Oh, Sam, I don’t make my own tahini. I guess you could if you like, it’s just finely ground sesame seeds. But it’s so much easier to purchase it. Here’s a link to a great one! TAHINI

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