Oct 12, 2018

Pistachio Matcha Truffles ~ Date-sweetened & oil-free!


Oh, man. These. These are… I can’t even… If I cursed, I would be using expletives about how good these are!

So here’s a little back story. Mountain Man and I are at our favorite little restaurant (one of the very few where we can actually eat off the menu, called Dobra Tea West in Asheville). We finished our meal and my honey wanted a sweet treat. I sighed and said, “I’ll look but most of them have a lot of oil.” So I meandered over to the dessert fridge and took a peek. Nope, not really anything. Well, my man has a sweet tooth and was not giving up so easily. He decided to look for himself. A few moments later he came over to the table with this huge BALL of something, a big smile on his face. I said, “Really? Doesn’t it have oodles of coconut oil?” I got up to look at the ingredients… nope! No oil. And wow, was it incredible. Okay, so this recipe isn’t really mine but I just had to make these the next day, based on the ingredients given, and share them with you! 

They turned out great! Possibly better… Mine are about half the size of the ones at Dobra because, really, they were ginormous and I can’t eat that much sweet in one sitting. I’m bringing these to an event this weekend and working on creating a little pistachio filling, just like a real truffle… shouldn’t be too hard. So, stay tuned for a possible upgrade! 🙂 

For the relatively small amount of ingredients, the flavor profile of these little treats is very deep and rich. If you love pistachios, like we do, and are a fan of matcha tea, like we are… you will love these. They are also sweetened with dates only, so yeah. These will be on my dessert rotation plan.

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2 responses to “Pistachio Matcha Truffles ~ Date-sweetened & oil-free!”

  1. Brenda Honey says:

    Yum… these look great. Even though the calories are there, it’s not from butter, oils and sugar.

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