Jun 25, 2019

Banana Bread Pancakes ~ plant based and oil-free!


Yep, we love banana bread in our house… and we love pancakes, too! So I thought, why not combine the two? Yes! These babies are so yummy, I promise you won’t have any leftovers. 🙂 I know I will get asked so no, I have not tried them with gluten-free flours. I used organic spelt flour for these. For some reason spelt does not affect me in the same way as regular wheat. I’m not gluten-intolerant but I find that if I eat too much wheat, especially more processed wheat like pasta, I do get bloated and feel uncomfortable. But not so with spelt, so there you go. You could also use whole wheat flour for this recipe.

These wonders are so soft and packed with flavor! The natural sweetness from the banana is a plus. And the little crunches of walnut add a dose of omega-3 goodness.

You will need a blender for this recipe and it really makes things so easy. Enjoy!

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