Jul 30, 2019

Cooking Without OIL ~ tips and tricks + A PRODUCT REVIEW


Greetings, plant-based readers! Many folks, including most of my friends, cannot understand why I don’t consume any refined oils of any kind. I get so many confused looks and questions… “What about coconut oil? Isn’t that healthy?” and the very popular, “The Mediterranean diet has olive oil, what about that?” 

Well, I’ve been living without it quite nicely for seven years now and I can assure you, you do not need it in your diet and in fact you will be much better off without it!

On to the most important question for those who enjoy romancing the stove… “How do I sauté without oil??”
I can assure you it is very easy providing you have the know-how, and most importantly, the right pan! I made a video a while back in which I stated that I mostly enjoy using stainless steel for my sautéing. That’s right, not non-stick. Just a very good quality stainless steel pan. I know, they can be VERY costly, upwards of hundreds of dollars for a high-end 18/10 stainless pan. Well, I have good news! I was recently approached by a company called Mealthy which offers just such a pan at a fraction of the cost. They offered me a free trial which I accepted and I must say, I am in love with this pan! Not only is it heavy and made of quality steel, I love the shape of it and the fact that it’s much deeper than most pans. 

You can find your Mealthy pan on AMAZON HERE. Or at the company’s website HERE.

Back to the topic at hand, how DO you cook without oil? Mostly, I just use water or veggie broth in place of oil. For those of you who missed my video post about water sautéing, here is the link: HOW TO WATER SAUTE 

Here are some tips and tricks:

  1. Before heating your pan, wipe it with just a touch of oil. I will use about a half teaspoon and then use a paper towel to spread the oil out evenly in a VERY thin layer.
  2. Heat the pan BEFORE adding your veggies. Not to the point that’s it’s smoking, but over medium heat for a few minutes is good.
  3. Add the veggies first with nothing else. Let them sizzle just a bit before adding bits of water or vegetable broth, A LITTLE AT TIME. You don’t want to flood it, just enough so that the veggies don’t stick. This way you will still get a nice crisp on the food and it won’t be soggy.
  4. Keep it moving! It’s important to stir your ingredients, again so that they don’t stick.

That’s pretty much it! It’s not hard, especially with practice, you’ll get the hang of it.

For those of you still wondering WHY it is unsafe for our health to consume oils, here are a couple informative videos for you from Dr. Greger of NutritionFact.org to check out, but I urge you to do your own research as well:


But wait! What about BAKING? That’s a whole science in itself and there are also MANY ways to avoid using oils in baked goodies. For a comprehensive look at how to create yummy, plant-based, oil-free, baked treats, head over to download my FREE E-BOOK, I’m a Baker Dammit!  It took me YEARS to figure out how to bake again after becoming plant-based. I hope that you can find some inspiration here. 🙂

That’s all for now lovelies. Happy oil-free cooking (and baking)!

Healthy trails,






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