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Dec 08, 2018

Cranberry Orange Oatmeal Cookies ~ Gluten-free, Oil-free and Vegan

  Old habits die hard. So I’m sitting looking out my window at the falling snow… there’s a fire in the wood stove, the cats are curled up in their favorite spot, and I just can’t help myself. I have to bake some cookies!!! It’s coming up on Christmas anyway, so that’s a good excuse, […]

Dec 04, 2018

Plant-based Holiday Turkey Roll ~ Gluten-free!

    Hello and Happy Holidays, dear reader! I am excited to share something festive and yummy with you today. I just had to do it… I had to create this recipe because all of the vegan meat-substitute holiday products contain ingredients that have no business being in my body—such as isolated soy proteins, canola […]

Jul 02, 2016

Red, White & Blueberry Frozen Coconut Bars

With just four ingredients, this superb vegan recipe is so, so easy to make and beautiful to look at, too. In fact, it’s so easy, it can barely be called a “recipe.” So if you’re looking for a last minute 4th of July dessert idea, here you go! You can use raspberries or strawberries for […]

Mar 23, 2016

Vegan Deviled Easter Eggs!

  Yikes! Easter kinda crept up on me this year. I never know when to expect this holiday… the only thing I know is that it comes in March or April and it’s on a Sunday. Is it early this year or just my imagination? Well, I hope you will give this recipe a shot. […]

Mar 13, 2016

Kiwi Matcha Chia Parfaits ~ Vegan

  Happy Sunday, beautiful! Did you remember to turn your clocks ahead one hour? I do NOT like it when the time bandits steal my hour in the spring. I have to wait six whole months to get it back! Well, at least we’ll have daylight longer and that’s good for us, since we’re starting […]

Feb 13, 2016

Vegan Valentine’s Day Recipe Roundup 2016

  Whew! Busy is an understatement these days around here. Well, yeah, so I don’t have a brand new Valentine’s recipe for you this year but I do have many recipes that I’ve posted in the past that would be delightful for that special lover’s day! With all of these, hopefully you will still have […]

Jan 01, 2016

2015… The Year, The Food, The Fun! + the TOP 10 RECIPES of the year…

  Happy New Year! So much has happened this past year in my life, both personally and with this blog. Exciting stuff! Here’s a quick recap of 2015 and a look ahead to the coming year of what you can expect from me and helyn’s plant-based kitchen…  I was curious to know which of my […]

Dec 31, 2015

Sweet Potato Pie with ***OMG*** Chia-Oat Crust

  Okay so I was going to save this recipe for my 2016 holiday dessert cookbook, buuuuuut….. I just couldn’t keep it from you. Not for another whole YEAR!!! Not because of the pie, though it’s REALLY good on its own (check out that sexy color), but because of this fantabulous CRUST that I created! […]

Nov 14, 2015

10 Plant-based Turkey Alternatives for a Nourishing, Plant-based Thanksgiving.

When I say “turkey alternatives” I am NOT referring to “Tofurky” “Field Roast” “Turkey-less Stuffed Roast” or any of the other fake, trying-to-look-like-turkey-but-I’m-not-turkey crap lurking on health food stores’ shelves. I’m talking about WHOLE FOOD in its natural state without a bunch of fillers, stabilizers, texturized and isolated soy proteins, vital wheat gluten, methyl cellulose, […]

Feb 09, 2015

Valentine Recipe Roundup! 12 Healthy Ways To Say “I LOVE YOU!”

Nothing says, “I love you” better than a nutritious meal or dessert, made from the heart, on Valentine’s Day! This year, I’ve decided to round up some of the tastiest, prettiest and nutritious recipes for you to explore… some are mine, of course, but I am also happy to share some great ideas from my […]