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Dec 04, 2018

Plant-based Holiday Turkey Roll ~ Gluten-free!

    Hello and Happy Holidays, dear reader! I am excited to share something festive and yummy with you today. I just had to do it… I had to create this recipe because all of the vegan meat-substitute holiday products contain ingredients that have no business being in my body—such as isolated soy proteins, canola […]

Jun 22, 2018

Easy Rice & Bean Burgers ~ Plant-based and Oil-free!

  Greetings!!!! I’ve been meaning to share this simple and tasty, plant-based recipe with you for a while now. These burgers are a cinch to put together and are just perfectly delicious. As the summer months get to a start here in the northern hemisphere, plant-based burgers are always a great idea for lunch or […]

Feb 24, 2017

Pulled BBQ Jackfruit + Quick Barbecue Sauce

  Am I late to the Jackfruit party or what? Yes, there are many recipes out there for barbecued jackfruit and here I am creeping across the finish line. But… it’s not a race after all, is it? And while the rest of the plant-based world has been experimenting with jackfruit as a meat replacement, […]

Jan 24, 2017

Edamame Wasabi Noodle Salad ~ Low fat!

  Yeah! Here is a salad I concocted today that is ultra yummy. I used tofu for the sauce instead of my usual go-to… cashews. I probably would also have added some tahini. But hey, it didn’t need it! The tofu was light and fluffy and just perfect. It’s got a little zing from some […]

Aug 09, 2016

Thai Peanut Cabbage Noodles ~ plant-based, oil-free!

  Oh, yum!!! Are you a fan of Thai food? This different take on Pad Thai is spicy, slightly sweet, creamy and loaded with fabulous Thai flavors. I used cabbage to make noodles instead of using traditional rice noodles and made the sauce from scratch. Thanks to my bff, Lynda, for the idea! She made it for a recent […]

May 18, 2016

Raw Pizza! Crust + Kale-Hemp Pesto

  I promised you more raw and lightened up fare for the upcoming warmer months and this dish does not disappoint! I’ve been wanting to make a raw pizza crust for like, forever. Finally. First time was the charm with this endeavor. I love it when that happens. Most often there are multiple attempts to […]

Apr 21, 2016

Black Beauty Bean Burgers ~ vegan, oil-free, gluten-free

  This is one of those recipes that’s been keeping me awake at night. So I thought I’d better make it so I could get some sleep! As a plant-based person I’ve had my share of bean/veggie burgers, especially when eating out since so many restaurants offer them now. The ones we get at the […]

Feb 16, 2016

Raw Vegan Mac & Cheeze… for real.

  I was a little skeptical when I found this recipe for a raw mac & cheese sauce. I’ve tried MANY recipes that I have come across online over the years and so many have been disappointing that I usually don’t bother anymore. Sorry to sound like such a snob but it’s true! Anyway, this one really caught […]

Feb 11, 2016

Soy Curls Enchilada Chik-n “Meat”

  Yep. Another Soy Curl recipe for ya! This one rocks my vegan Mexican world… it is so similar to chicken that it’s a perfect substitution for those who are new to plant-based eating and miss that texture. I don’t miss meat at ALL, don’t get me wrong, but I just love Butler Soy Curls (as you may […]

Jan 19, 2016

Vegan Sweet ‘n’ Sour Orange Chick’n (made with soy curls!)

  Here’s another soy curl recipe for you! I warned you. I have to use up all those bags of the little guys that I ordered way too many of. I sure don’t mind because I LOVE them! Mountain Man isn’t as much of a fan but he’s just not excited about anything resembling tofu, which […]